Sparks delivers fresh, locally sourced, prepared and ready to eat food to your front door.  Currently an invitation only service, Sparks is serving a limited number of families living in the Five Points and North Hills neighborhoods of Raleigh, NC.


Our mission is to encourage healthier lifestyles by making access to nutritious, locally grown and produced food more convenient and economical to more people and families living in the communities we serve.

Sparks menu will be expanding over time, our goal is to offer a standard set of reliable favorites that are always available, combined with a rotating selection of specials based on what’s in season and available from local farms and suppliers, all designed to ensure enjoyment by every member of your family. 



Guiding Principles


Fresh food that is not preserved by canning or dehydration or freezing or smoking

Whole food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and free from additives

Local always strive to use food that’s been grown and sourced locally

Sustainable minimize food waste and utilize recyclable, renewable and reclaimed resources for packaging

No added sugar, low in sodium
Gluten-free options always available  



Background and Inspiration


In the 1940’s, 50's and 60’s, before the days of processed foods and preservatives, the Horan family ran a dairy business in Upstate New York called Sparks Dairy.  John J Horan, in addition to looking after his 10 children with his equally hard working wife, ran Sparks and partnered with local farmers to source fresh local milk and other dairy products.  After processing and pasteurizing the milk in a central processing plant, Sparks delivered the finished goods door to door to their customers.  John J Horan, Jr took over the business and carried on the tradition set by his father and successfully grew and expanded the business.



             Sparks Dairy Newspaper Ad                             Sparks Dairy Milk box              

Today, the team at Sparks, now located in the much warmer confines of Raleigh, North Carolina, is inspired by the same mission and principles as the original Sparks Dairy in Upstate New York – focusing on delivering an exceptional and unique customer experience by working with the best local farmers and suppliers to source fresh proteins, vegetables and fruits, then cooking and preparing the food in a family friendly way that tastes great and maintains its nutritional values, and conveniently delivering fresh ready to eat meals to the doorsteps of our customers with as little waste as possible.

We promise to work hard every day to live up to the high standards set for Sparks .  If you see any ways for us to improve and deliver a better service and experience, please let us know.